Thursday, August 25, 2011

why adoption?

Ben and I decided when we were engaged that whether we could have biological children or not, we wanted to grow our family through adoption. It's such a dazzling, touching principle, and we knew we wanted it to be a part of our lives. We have been blessed with three amazing kids,who are our world. Now, we feel this big, huge feeling telling us it's time for us to adopt! There are so many reasons why, in addition to just knowing. We have the love, we have the ability, we have seen the miracle of adoption in both of our families. Our kids are giddy with the plan. During my certification process as a preschool teacher, I read book after book covering the merits and challenges of adoption. After this, we knew that we would want to adopt a baby right on the heels of having a biological baby, so that bonding could take place through breast feeding. Also, the two little babes could be buddies and essentially twins. When Ida was born, we knew she was the one! She is such an amazing, sweet-tempered little baby. She is so wonderful, and will be such a special part of our adopted baby's life. The list goes on and on. We know we want a big family, full of love, fun, diversity, and connection. We can't wait to see this continue to happen.

the definitive Ben and Eirene

About Ben (by Eirene): Ben is my favorite person on the planet. He is charming, funny, witty, kind, sincere, intelligent, hard-working, and thoughtful. I miss him when he's not with me, I laugh continually when he is. He is my best friend. I first met him in the eighth grade, where he had the advantage over all the other pre-pubescent boys of having a job (in the lunch kitchen) and knowing how to drive. In high school (where we were just friends) we were in drama, student council, and tenth grade biology together. In drama, we played opposite one another in the play "Annie". He was Warbucks, and I was Annie (it might be speculated that this gave us our first taste for adoption!) (kidding). His parents taught him the value of hard work, kindness, and manners. I never knew Ben that he didn’t have a job (except when he was a missionary for two years in South Africa). If I had had any brains, I would have been head over heels for him in high school, although I do remember once confiding in my best friend that one day Ben Henderson was going to make a great dad. Years later, when our paths re-crossed, it took about five minutes for us to fall in love. We dated for two months, were engaged for two months, and the following year, I had the delight of finding out how dead right I had been about Ben all along. He is an amazing father. Our children adore him, as is evidenced by their shouts of joy whenever they hear the garage door open. Ben is the manager of a flower wholesaler (yes, that means lots of fresh flowers for me). He loves his job, his’65 Ford pick-up Leona, reading the news, and taking care of our yard. He knows the words to old country songs, and he reads to the kids every night. He is my treasure. Quote: “Lightning McQueen, I only missed you a little bit. I missed Mae and Ike a lot!”

About Eirene (by Ben): Mrs. Henderson, Eireenie, or just Reenie is one of those few people in life that seem to light the way for everyone else. She has an infectious charisma and spunk that can make anyone crack a smile and has kept me entertained for the 13 years I've known her. From the moment we became friends our freshman year of high school I felt an immediate deep bond with Eirene that I wouldn't fully understand until about 5 years later when she looked me up after discovering that we lived in the same college town. I knew it. The instant she wrapped her arms around my neck on our first date I felt like I was coming home after a long absence. I felt refreshed! Eirene thinks, learns, and speaks for herself. Her mind, heart, and soul are open to all that is beautiful, beneficial, and fun. She isn't content with letting knowledge come to her, she anxiously yearns for it and actively seeks it out. Eirene doesn't settle for the status quo in any circumstance, but rather believes in change, progress, and improvement. I knew all of these things about Eirene long before we began dating, but after having grown up and matured much I was finally ready to soak it all in! I knew that if I was going to have a chance at being truly happy and satisfied with my life and endeavors, that I had to marry Eirene. I knew that if I wanted to experience true love in all of its ups and downs, trials and triumphs; if I wanted to make any sort of impact on the world for good, I had to marry Eirene. I married Eirene! I married life and joy! Eirene is a true pleasure. Whether the medium be paint, pen, or photoshop--she is an artist. Whether the student be grumpy husband, eager child, or spiritually needy churchgoer--she is a teacher. Be the recipient a baby's bottom, a child's head, or her own shoulders--she is a seamstress. Eirene can do and actively does anything she desires. If she sees something she wants to wear, cook, or achieve she gets a book from the library and teaches herself how to make it happen. My wife is a doer. My wife doesn't just believe in good things, she IS good things! Eirene is the mother of our three incredible children. Everything she does has the ultimate effect of teaching and nurturing Mae, Ike, Ida, and their daddy. She teaches through example and tender understanding. She helps me understand how our individual children need individual care, time, and love. All of Eirene's education, hard work, sacrifice, and life experience has created an unbeatable, unbelievable mother. Eirene brings me joy, encouragement, happiness, laughter, fulfillment, forgiveness, and faith. She is my inspiration in all I think, do, and say. With Eirene as my wife--a true woman of God--how could I ever go wrong!?

all about Mae

Mae Ella Henderson is four years old. She is as girly as you please--pink, unicorns, fairies, interpretive dance, and anything that has glitter on it. She is lovely in every way. Endlessly helpful with her younger siblings, Mae takes great pride in being the big sister. She is eager to participate in anything that involves Ida, from choosing clothes for her to wear to helping me bathe her. She also puts in a lot of hours with Ike, her partner in crime. I fear her efforts to civilize him will wear her out. Mae saves every cent she finds in a box to save up for our adoption, and is ecstatic to have another baby to love and adore. In fact, a few weeks after Ida was born, Mae Mae was telling me “Mama, we have got to get another baby.” She is a great leader, and a great example. She is kind and generous and very responsible about her chores (except when she’s not). She loves to play, pretend, and dress up with her cousins and friends. She is learning to read and write at home preschool, and writes letters to just about everyone. She is a great artist, and asks to paint nearly every single day (watercolors are her favorite). Quote: “Ikey, this is not a zoo, it’s a sleepover!”

this little Ike of mine

Benjamin Ike Henderson is a delightful little guy who brings down the house pretty much every time he opens his mouth. If comedic timing is something it is possible for a three year old to have, Ike's got it. He is friendly and talkative, and often opens conversations by saying "I like you." A real crowd pleaser is his Popeye impression, complete with muscle flexing, and if he can get his hands on it, spinach eating. When Ike is the raspy Popeye, the rest of us are cast thus: Dada - Bluto, Popeye's big, bearded nemesis. Mama - Olive Oyl, Popeye's love interest. Mae - The Magical Horse (Note: not an actual Popeye related character, but Mae refused to be Wimpy, Popeye's hamburger eating amigo).

Popeye: "Oliboyl, wook at me. I'm hitting Bwuto."
Mama: "Ikey, we don't hit people."
The Magical Horse: "Mama, you have to use your Olive Oyl voice."
Olive Oyl: "Popeeeeye, don't hit Blutoooo."
Bluto: "Yeah Popeye! You little runt, don't hit me!"
Popeye: "Sowwy Bwuto! I will kiss you."
The Magical Horse: "No, Popeye doesn't kiss Bluto!"
Ike: "Yes, I CAN kiss Bluto!"
Mae: "No Ikey, Popeye doesn't kiss Bluto, he kisses Olive Oyl."
Ike: "Oh. Okay."
The Magical Horse: "You have to use your Popeye voice!"
Popeye: "Oh. Okay."
Olive Oyl: "Oh, Popeeeye! Thanks for the kiiiisss!"
Bluto: "Hey, I want to kiss Olive Oyl, too!"

You get the idea. Ikey loves playing with his sisters (and the rest of us), and is a wonderful big brother. He has to give Ida B. kisses every time he sees her, and always volunteers to cheer her up when she is cranky.
Quote: "Where are the toys in this shoe restaurant?"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miss Ida B. Rainbow Caroline Henderson

Ida Caroline Henderson was born on April 20, 2011 in our living room. Mae took one look at her and said, “Name her Rainbow.” Every day she has been in our lives has been a complete joy. She loves to smile, slobber, make new sounds with her little voice, and laugh hysterically when her Dada kisses her on the tummy. She loves her brother and sister and tolerates a good deal of loving from them. She is endlessly sweet, calm and enjoyable.

back in the saddle

Well, people, we're back. Wasn't that fun when I was a fabric designer for a glorious five minutes? It was fun. Back to business.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Blog

Hey, everyone (if there's anyone still reading this blog :), I (Eirene) am starting a new blog at Some crazy exciting things have happened around here which have necessitated that I start a new blog, (and you'll have to go and find out what at the aforementioned blog!) The new blog will be a bit more anonymous, but it'll still have all the family stuff on there, and probably be a bit more consistent. (Wait, probably not... but maybe). Anyway, love and guts!